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Bring out your dead and the Hulks will smash them When the King of Chaos and Darkness unleashes his horrors upon planet Earth, Doctor Strange calls on the strongest team there is to save life itself A Chaos War tale featuring the return of the most horrifying Hulk villain in Hades and fan favorite Fall of the Hulks and World War Hulks penciller Paul Pelletier...

Title : Chaos War: Incredible Hulks
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ISBN : 9780785151579
ISBN13 : 978-0785151579
Format Type : EPub
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Marvel Auflage 01 1 Juni 2011
Number of Pages : 128 Seiten
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Chaos War: Incredible Hulks Reviews

  • Boris
    2019-05-20 14:22

    When unknown Greg Pak took over the Hulk almost 5 years ago nobody (especially not me) thought much of it. After the extraordinary almost 12 years run of Peter David, a back-to-Hulk-smash-intermezzo forced on by editorial and an interesting but very controversial run by Bruce Jones everything that could come was under the suspicion of redundancy. And Mr. Pak surprised us all. His take on the Hulk was to become one of the most original in the rich history of this mainstay Marvel character.Nevertheless it was not Pak's quality writing that got the Hulk in the spotlight again but the brutal revamping of the character in form of the Red Hulk by Jeph Loeb. This lead to the state that there are two Hulk titles at the moment, the adjectiveless Hulk with the Red Hulk and the Incredible Hulks (with a plural 's') by Pak where characters like the Bruce Banner Hulk, his son Skaar, Rick Jones, and the She-Hulks are around. The stories are character driven, complex issues and subplots sown in the last decades are harvested plenty. Recently Pak's run and the title itself have been announced to come to an end with #635.This volume contains the lead stories of #618-622 and the backup "Smash Files" from #614-620. (Attention: mild spoilers ahead!) The odd group of hulklike beings finds itself in the aftermath of the big show-down with Banner's son Hiro-Kala on one hand, involved with the proceedings of Chaos War on the other hand. Finally the Hulk has a big slug-out with the Greek god Zeus.You have to know a lot about these characters to really understand what is going on, but if you have been following the fate of Bruce Banner for some time with interest you will not be disappointed. Pelletier complements Pak's writing perfectly. All this will not win them a Pulitzer but it guarantees a lot of fun for you when reading.

  • Donald C. Weiss, Jr.
    2019-05-22 15:18

    The boundaries between reality and dream--and between life and death--have been shattered, and the Chaos King and his demons now inherit the Earth. In one last desperate attempt, Dr. Strange beseeches Bruce Banner and his Hulk Family to come to the aid of the planet once more; the same planet that has so long condemned and isolated them. Ghosts of the past continue to rise, as the Hulk and his allies literally find themselves on the threshold of hell.The idea behind the “Chaos War” event must have been a dream come true for Greg Pak. As a guiding force behind both “Chaos War” and “Incredible Hulks”, he seems to have loads of fun scripting characters both recently dead and long dead. They’re all here: The Abomination, Doc Samson, Jarella the Queen of K’ai, Colonel Glenn Talbot, Hiroim the Oldstrong… even Bruce’s mother Rebecca Banner, and his father Brian Banner, the Hulk’s own angel and devil, respectively. Moreover, Pak not only gets to write them all, he gets to write them all together and interacting with each other as part of one cohesive storyline, with all the tense drama and smashing action that by now has become one of his hallmarks on the series.The two-part aftermath, “God Smash”, hits even harder. After his family frees Zeus from imprisonment by the Chaos King, the Hulk storms Mount Olympus intending to collect on a favor he feels owed to him by the King of the Greek Gods. His motives are personal, but far from selfish; the Hulk wages a one-monster assault against Centaurs, Gorgons, Cyclops, and the pantheon of Gods all for the single-minded goal of making life better for the family he has found himself with. A good cause to fight for, but to challenge the Gods is akin to challenging Fate, and the Hulk, for all his anger and strength, has always been at the mercy of Fate. It’s a taut, somber epilogue which serves as a reminder that a person can continue to change and grow as much from failure as from success, and that sometimes it’s the struggle that is truly defining.The S.M.A.S.H. Files, a carryover from previous issues, is an introspective addition showing how both Bruce Banner and the Hulk view their current situation, and what kind of thinking went into their mutual decision to bring this bizarre group together; who needs to be kept in check, who brings the most stability to the team, and why certain members were not included.It’s great to have Paul Pelletier back again. His work with Pak helps to elevate the quality of these post-WORLD WAR HULK storylines. They may not have had as sustained a tenure on the Hulk as, say, Len Wein and Sal Buscema, or Peter David and Dale Keown, but the story/art compatibility is just as smooth and enjoyable, and heightens the re-readability factor.Propelled by the return of lost loves, old friends, and hated enemies, CHAOS WAR: INCREDIBLE HULKS marks the end of another chapter in Greg Pak’s fabled run with the promise of more surprises to come.

  • what
    2019-05-01 18:12

    The chaos war was a great thing in it self add the knock down drag out fight between the hulk and the lord of olympus well now your talk a 5 alarm fire with all the trimmings........ the fight was not the main part of the story but for me it was the selling point of the book. If you like good old fashion comic book fights then this is your ticket.

  • Daniel Dittman
    2019-05-12 17:18

    excellent story , I couldn't put it down. From start to finish it brought the type of humanity the Hulk and Bruce needed and was just awesome fun. Hulk smash Yea

  • JanetM
    2019-05-13 19:26

    Came as advertised and extremely satisfied!!

  • guy1
    2019-05-11 19:20

    Epic action through-out!!